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Levels of Sedation Dentistry

The level of sedation depends on your fear:

-Minimal Sedation:  You're relaxed but awake.

-Moderate Sedation:  Slur your words during procedure and won't remember much about it.

-Deep Sedation:  Almost like you're asleep, but can still be awakened.

-General anesthesia:  You won't feel pain because you are not conscious.

Of course you may discuss your desired level of sedation with your dentist.  By all means discuss any past experiences with sedation and your feelings about dental treatment.

Sedation Dentist Near You

Sedation Dentistry Types

Sedation is given in a few different ways.  Accordingly these are the four types of sedation dentistry:

-Inhaled minimal sedation.  Generally known as laughing gas.  It is given through a mask with oxygen and will indeed help you relax.  You may be able to drive yourself home after your appointment, certainly ask your dentist.

-Oral sedation.  This type is surely taken as a pill.  To be sure, depending on the dose it may be minimal or moderate level of sedation.  Thus in these levels you will usually be awakened with a gentle shake.

-IV sedation.  It's important to realize this is given directly into a vein.  This is used particularly for people who have high anxiety.  IV sedation without a doubt acts quickly.

-Deep sedation and general anesthesia.  With this type you will indeed be deeply asleep.  Consequently you will not be easily awakened.  While it may be true this appears like an appealing option, you should discuss all options with your dentist.

Regardless of which type of sedation you receive, you will almost always receive medication to numb your mouth.  The numbing is equally important to your overall comfort and relaxation.

What is Sleep Dentistry

Overall, sleep dentistry is a misleading term.  In sedation most people are actually not asleep unless they are under general anesthesia.

Further, the term sleep dentistry is often used for breathing issues while getting a normal night's sleep.  Obviously that doesn't have anything to do with sedation.

Surely if you say you are afraid of the dentist and are interested in sleep dentistry that's understandable.  Generally though, this is a confusing term.

Sedation Dentistry Types

Emergency Sedation Dentistry

Finding an Emergency Sedation Dentistry online is indeed difficult.    Firstly they often don't show their evening and weekend hours.  Then what you really want is a recommended dentist you can trust.

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What Dentist Does Sedation

To be sure most Dentists can perform minimal sedation.  Additionally, more and more can perform moderate sedation.  Still, only a small number of have completed the Commission on Dental Acreditation program for deep sedation and general anesthesia.

Contact us so we can help you connect with a nearby Dentist who performs sedation.

What is a General Anesthesia Dentist?

General Anesthesia Dentist is what we commonly call the dentist who can perform deep sedation.

What does conscious Sedation feel Like?

Generally people feel conscious sedation differently.  However the common feelings are drowsiness and relaxation.

What's more you may feel a tingling in your body.  This tingling is especially strong in your arms, legs, hands, and feet.  Additionally  your arms may feel sluggish and heavy.

Indeed you may find that things seem to slow down.  You respond slowly and the world around you feels slow too.

Obviously you may smile or laugh without an obvious reason.  After all that's why they call it laughing gas.

Is Sedation at the Dentist safe?

Sedation basically is normally very safe.  Also you will want to ask your dentist about your particular situation.

During sedation the patient’s health is without a doubt the most important thing.  Therefore safety checks are frequently performed.  These checks include oxygen level, blood pressure, and heart rate.

How much does it cost to be Sedated at the Dentist?

The cost to be sedated at the dentist is undoubtedly going to vary depending on location and your particular case.  Still, we understand that some idea is helpful.

Here are general costs for types of sedation:

-Inhalation sedation.  Normally using laughing gas, will cost $25 - $100.

-Light oral sedation.  Typical range is $150 - $500.

-IV Dental sedation.  For moderate to deep sedation will cost $500 - $700.

-General anesthesia.  Range is normally $500 - $1,000.

To clarify your cost simply click the green button.  We will refer you to a recommended dentist in your area so you get your actual cost.

Emergency Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Side Effects

Sedation dentistry side effects will generally last a few hours.  You may have common side effects such as:


-feelings of heaviness or sluggishness

-loss of memory during procedure

-low blood pressure

-feeling sick

Certainly discuss these side effects with your dentist.  You will undeniably feel more calm knowing what to anticipate during your procedure.

What to Expect with an IV Sedation Dentist

During your procedure with an IV Sedation Dentist you can expect you won’t be fully asleep.  On the other hand you won’t really be aware of what’s going on either.

Still you may be able to follow basic commands and respond if the dentist touches you.  Further you will be able to breath on your own.  If your procedure requires a local anesthetic, then it will be given after the sedation has taken effect.

Best Sedation Dentists Near Me

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