Live with Pain?

Can I live with my pain?  Dental pain is a sign that something is wrong.  Obviously things like a knocked out tooth, chipped tooth, cracked tooth need dental care.  Otherwise the pain will continue.

Infections like an abscess or root canal need dental care just as much.  These infections can spread to the jaw, brain, and other parts of the body.  They can lead to a life threatening infection called sepsis.  Sepsis can kill you.

Those things like a knocked out tooth, chipped tooth, cracked tooth can all lead to an infection and sepsis without dental care.  Bacteria can enter the tooth, gums, and jaw through these unseen cracks in the tooth.  That's the start of the infection leading to sepsis.

Scared of the Dentist Chair?

Plenty of people feel anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist.  Maybe you had a bad experience or haven't visited the dentist in years.

A dentist can help with your fear of the chair.  Medication and sedation are two treatments.  Discuss other possibilities with a dentist.  We all know your teeth need to be fixed.

Fear and anxiety don't need to stop you.  The dental care you need is a matter of life.  We can help.  Contact us immediately.

Worried about how to pay?

It's only natural to be worried about how to pay for your dental care.  Thing is, your health and life depend on getting the dental care you need.

No need to worry.  Even if you don't have insurance or the cash to pay now.  We can help find a dentist that will accept credit card or a payment plan.

Worries about how to pay is something we can help.  Contact us immediately.

What to do?

Dental pain is serious.  It hurts and sadly it can kill.

You simply can't wait or decide to live with the pain.  Take action to get the help you need.

Anxiety, fear, even lack of cash are things we can help.  Contact us immediately.