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Emergency Dentist Care

24 Hour Emergency Dentists

We're your Emergency Dentist Care connection, here to help you connect with an emergency dentist 24 hours a day.  In addition, we help with all dental problems including oral pain and all types of emergency oral health problems.  Therefore, we are your resource to connect with a dentist immediately.

If  you have a medical emergency call 911 - for urgent dental situations contact a 24 Hour Dentist near you.  Or even a Walk in Dentist Near You or Sunday Dentist Near You.  Likewise, for root canal issues contact an Endodontist Near You or an Oral Surgeon Near You.

Emergency Dentist Care

Emergency Dentist Near Me

Are you searching for a "24 hour emergency dentist" or "emergency dentist near me"?  Above all, you've come to the right place, Emergency Dentist Care has what you need.  You have a dental problem and you need help right away.  There are many common dental emergencies that bring people to us.  If you need a dentist as soon as possible then you are in the right place.

Emergency Dentist Near Me

We are sorry to hear you are hurting and we assure you this is our profession and we are here to help.

Clearly, you need a dentist near you.  In your town, city, or general surrounding area.  Either way, we will connect you with a local dentist.

We find there are many reasons for searching out an emergency dentist.  You may want to find an emergency dentist who also provides regular dentistry services.  Maybe you want a walk in dentist who can see you immediately.  Sometimes people have an immediate need or an emergency oral health procedure that needs to be performed as soon as possible.  For instance we can help you get an appointment booked for yourself so you are ready to go, often within 24 hours.

Certainly we hear you loud and clear.  We know you came here looking for an "emergency dentist near me".  Bring back your smile, we are here to help.  Click the green button!

Answer a few easy questions for Opencare to match you with local dentists.  Then a caring expert will schedule an appointment with your ideal match.

Book a Dentist in minutes, get a $50 reward.

Emergency Dentist Care Common Conditions

Emergency Dentist Care commonly sees a variety of common dental emergency, these are just part of our routine.  We know your problem is a major concern, that's why we are so eager to help.  On the other hand we don't want to alarm you and maybe you are ready to come right in for help.  Please click the button and get the help you need, these are serious problems.

Remember, if you have any life threatening condition, if your mouth is continuously filling with blood or if you are having any problem breathing, you must call 911 or go now to the nearest emergency room.  Any other problem click the green button now.

Common Dental Emergencies

Tooth Loss

Ok, we know that it can be terribly worrisome to lose an adult tooth.  Realizing the tooth has been knocked out is scary.  Here's what to do if you lose an adult tooth:

First, try your best to find the tooth.  We know, sometimes this is easy and sometimes it's hard.

Second, hold it by the top of the tooth - handling the tooth's root will cause damage

Third, use water to rinse the tooth

Next, if at all possible, put the tooth back in its place in the gum socket.  Then hold it in place using a paper towel, gauze, or anything similar.

If it's not possible to replace the tooth back in its place, put in a cup of water or milk.

Now is the moment to click the green button and get in to see an emergency dentist.

Losing a permanent tooth is obviously time sensitive.  Click the button now, we are here to help!

Tooth Loss

Tooth Displacement

A tooth can become displaced for a number of reasons.  Usually it is a result of an injury or a wisdom tooth breaking through.  Essentially, tooth displacement is a result of injury or some type of oral trauma causing a tooth to move out of its place.

There are many reasons for you to connect with us right now for tooth displacement.  Yes, just like tooth loss it is time sensitive.  First it will cause problems with your jaw and your bite.  Also in many cases the pain can be intense.  Its also possible for the tooth to break into pieces or pop out if left alone.

Bad things can happen if you wait for treatment.  in addition, the dentist may not be able to fix the tooth and move it back if you wait.  That is to say, in these cases the tooth will stay in its new displaced position.  Really, click now!

Tooth Displacement

Chipped, Cracked, Broken or Shattered Teeth

We know that a chipped tooth may not seem like a dental emergency.  That's the reason we are here to help.  Yes, that cracked tooth can become an emergency at any moment.

Only a dentist can examine a chipped or cracked tooth to determine the correct course of care to avoid something much worse.  Don't wait for your condition to suddenly become something much worse.  Click the button right away and get the care you need.

Chipped, Cracked, Broken or Shattered Teeth

Oral Infections

Oral infections are a serious condition.  Yes, they are time sensitive like other conditions.  Infections always have the potential to be a life threatening condition, even when they start in the mouth.  Most importantly you need to get care right away.

The most telling sign of an oral infection is the pain.  It may start small and increase over time and it can take over the entire mouth if you do not seek timely treatment.  In most cases there will also be swelling and redness of the gums and other soft tissues.

Don't delay, failure to treat can lead to root canal or even tooth extraction.  Like we said, this is serious.  Click to get help now.

Oral Infections

Damaged Dental Work

Crown come out?  Broken braces?  Your local emergency room can't help with these problems.  Above all, these dental emergencies require you to get contact the only people who can help you - an emergency dentist.

Sometimes you may not be sure what to do with your damaged dental work.  That's ok.  We understand.  And we're here to help.

Click the button so we can get you the advice and help you need.

Damaged Dental Work

24 Hour Dentistry Offices

At Emergency Dentist Care we know, when the moment strikes with a dental emergency, you understandably want to find a 24 hour dentistry office in your location.

There are 24 hour dentistry offices open across the country, yet the really are not easy to find when you need one.  Therefore searching for "24 hour dentist near me" isn't a quick solution.

Every day we hear from people who wasted a lot of time searching online.  Then they ask for our help locating one and we deliver, even during late night or early morning.

It's a fact, 24 hour emergency dentistry offices are hard to find on your own.  We plug you in to our extensive network of 24 hour emergency dentists, who are able to help you just as you would expect 24 hours a day.

So click no to get the help you need!

24 Hour Dentristry Offices

Walk in Dentists

Yes, there are walk-in dentists.  You can go to these dentistry offices for dental services without an appointment.

Maybe you need quick help with your receding gum line or maybe you lost a filling.  A walk-in dentist can help.

Too bad they are so hard to locate.  They are out there, yet you really do need help to locate them when you need them.

Why are walk-in dentists so hard to find?  Simple fact is they normally do not advertise their walk-in services.

To make it even harder, there just are not many emergency dentists who offer walk-in services.  Just by connecting with us and accessing our network you can plug-in to our amazing resource to find any urgent care dentist who ever accepts walk-in service.

So not only do we have emergency dentists, also we have access to urgent care dentists with walk-in service.

Yes, our operators have all the help you need to find yourself a great walk-in emergency dentist in your local area.  Why waste your time with a Google search?  Click the button immediately!

Walk in Dentists

Finding a Dental Emergency Room

Searching for a dental emergency room tells us that you are well aware that you have a true dental emergency.  You are doing the right thing and we help people like you every day.

Certainly you have to realize that most hospital emergency rooms are not going to be able to help with your oral emergency.  You need an actual dental emergency room.

Some local hospitals do have the resources for this type of emergency.  Still, we can tell you that mostly they lack these resources and what you really need is a dental emergency room.

Connect with us to help find a dental emergency room.  We have the resources to get you the care you need.  So click immediately!

Find a Dental Emergency Room
Emergency Oral Surgeons

Emergency Oral Surgeons

Emergency oral surgeons are new to most people.  They are completely essential for certain oral problems, still we don't hear about them in every day life.

Certain things such as an oral infection that form an abscess may only be fixed by on oral surgeon.  They can go directly under the gum line and around the root area of a tooth.

There are other problems that require an emergency oral surgeon as well.  For instance severe trauma to your soft tissue, an emergency root canal, or replacing a filling.

When you need to find an emergency oral surgeon you can be assured that you are at the right place.  We can help you to see an emergency dentist in any part of the country.  Click the green button immediately to be on your way!

How can I find an emergency dentist near me?

You may know by now that searching online for an emergency dentist near you is aggravating and a waste of time.

Simply click the green button.  Most importantly, we'll get you in touch with the help you need, we're here 24 hours a day.

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When should I contact Emergency Dentist Care?

We have lots of experience, and in our experience when you feel like it's an emergency dentist then that is probably right.  Rest assured, we are here to guide you through the entire process.

Connect now.  Think you have an oral infection, maybe a permanent tooth has come out, or perhaps your mouth has suffered some trauma.  Then you definitely need to connect.

Suffering from anything on this list or simply something making your mouth hurt.  We can help, click the green button immediately.

Call an Emergency Dentist
Spanish Speaking Dentist

How to find a Spanish speaking dentist?

Looking for a dentist who can speak Spanish.  You have come to the right place.  We can connect you with dentists who speak both English and Spanish.

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