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We're Emergency Dentist Care and we are here to help with your dental emergencies.  We understand that when you need immediate emergency dental care, you want an experienced pro available right now.  That's exactly how we help.

Contact us day or night, yes that includes evenings, weekends, and holidays.  We will help you make a same-day or next day appointment.

It's true, Emergency Dentist Care is open and here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our patients receive great care during their routine, urgent and emergency dental services.   Walk-in patients are normally welcomed at a location near you.

Our dental service is truly unique.  We are available day or night.  Have a toothache, a cracked or chipped tooth, a lost dental crown or filling?  We help with all of these dental problems and we do it right away when you call.

Our experienced professional dentists in your community can help with your emergency care.  Not only that, they can also help with routine checkups, cleanings, and other services.


Emergency Dentist Care has deep experience so we can help with most any dental issue that may trouble you.  Here's a short list:

Dental exam and X-rays

An exam will determine the cause of your oral pain.  During the exam the dentist will check or oral problems by checking your face, neck, mouth, and teeth for abnormalities.  Your dental exam may also include dental X-rays.


A toothache is pain in a tooth that may be described as sharp, throbbing, or constant.  For some conditions, pain is only felt when pressure is applied to the tooth.  Pain may also be felt in the gums or jaw.

Chipped tooth

The chip can be smoothed or cosmetically corrected, depending on the size of the chip.  Other treatments include veneers, crown, and fillings.  Your dentist can explain your options according to your specific situation.  If you chip a filling or artificial tooth it should definitely be replaced.

Cracked or broken tooth

Cracked or broken teeth require immediate attention to prevent further damage.  Emergency Dentist Care can repair the damage, ease your pain, and bring back your smile.

A root canal or tooth extraction may be the needed treatment.  If the crack involves the enamel and dentin of the tooth, then it is often best to treat with a crown.

Knocked out tooth

It is important to get to a dentist quickly to successfully reattach a knocked out tooth.  Cells on the root of the tooth begin to die almost immediately and it needs to be reimplanted right away.

The best chance to reimplant is in the first 30 minutes and chances are still good within the first 2 hours.  Wash the tooth with water, reimplant the tooth in the site and call a dentist immediately.


Tooth decay repaired by a filling often last for years.  A chipped or lost filling may be more than a cosmetic issue, often they are painful or uncomfortable.  They can even cause toothaches, infections, and the loss of a tooth.

Swelling Jaw

Jaw swelling results in a swollen jaw or a lump on the jaw.  There are many potential causes for this swelling including an accumulation of fluid, infection, disease, cavities, injury to the jaw or possibly an abscess.

Emergency Dentist Care will conduct a dental exam to discover the cause so that treatment can begin.

Dental Issue

The dentists at Emergency Care Dentist have years of experience providing dental treatment to their patients.  From a cleaning, to fixing a filling, to a root canal we bring back your smile.

Tooth Extraction & Surgical Extraction

Tooth extraction simply means having a tooth pulled.  Common reasons for tooth extraction include damage from oral trauma, periodontal disease (gum disease),  or tooth decay.

Local anesthetic is used during the procedure to provide comfort and your caring Emergency Dentist Care specialist will have you getting better soon.

Root canal

A root canal is necessary when the tooth's nerve and pulp are damaged.  Your dentist will remove the nerve and pulp, then clean and seal the inside of the tooth.

A crown will be placed over the tooth.  Waiting to perform the procedure will allow time for the infection to worsen and an abscess may form.

Crowns & Bridges

A crown is a cover your dentist can put over a tooth.  A dental bridge is a false tooth (called a pontic) that is held in place by the teeth on either side.

A bridge is a permanent fix, as opposed to removable dentures.  If you lost a crown or cracked a tooth Emergency Dentist Care has the expertise to help.

Dentures & Partial Plates

Dentures are removable, replace missing teeth, and restore your smile.  We can help if you have broken your dentures or need a set for the first time.

Periodontal Scaling

Periodontal scaling and root planing cleans the root of the tooth at and below the gum line.  Plaque, tartar, toxins, and microorganisms are all irritating to the gums causing inflammation.

The cleaning is needed to treat this inflammation and bleeding.

Our experienced dentists routinely help with all of these dental treatments and many more.

We are here for you when you need help with any urgent dental issue.  Day or night, Emergency Dentist Care is your connection to experienced dentists.  Our experts will answer your questions, provide education relevant to your specific condition, and help you with your same-day or next-day dental appointment.

Call us immediately to get the dental care you need.

We're here 24 Hours a day.

Bring back your smile!

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