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An Endodontist is a dentist who has received two or three years of additional training to perform procedures such as a root canal.  Clearly when you are in pain from a root canal help is needed right away.

A survey showed that 45% of people have heard of root canal specialists and nearly half would prefer root canal treatment specialist.  Also, 94% of dentists have positive or very positive perceptions of Endodontists, the root canal specialist.

Best Endodontist near me

Ready to make an appointment with an Endodontist?  They can help with root canals when you have an infection inside your tooth or gum.  Other procedures Endodontist perform include dental implants.

We can help you make an appointment with the best Endodontist near you.  And help you get the help you need as soon as possible for your oral health.  Above all, searching online or calling Endodontists directly is not an efficient use of your time.  We will help you make an appointment right away.

Endodontist Near Me

Procedures performed by Endodontist

The most common procedure performed by an Endodontist is a root canal.  An Endodontist near you may perform 25 root canals per week.  This compares to a dentist who may do 1-2 root canals per week.  Thus Endodontists are considered root canal specialists.

Endodontists also have special equipment to perform root canals, including specialized microscopes that allow them to see inside your tooth’s root canal.  Still, it is common for a dentist to perform an easier root canal, such as on a front tooth.  An Endodontist will perform all types of root canals, including the most difficult cases.

Need an Emergency Endodontist?

An emergency Endodontist near you can relieve your pain caused by a root canal.  This is some of the worst dental pain, and really some of the worst pain possible.  Do not delay your treatment and recovery.  Without doubt your oral health does not need to suffer and you need to bring back your smile.

Root canal symptoms:

  1. Severe tooth pain.  Toothache pain can be caused by many factors.  All of them require a dental exam from a dental professional.  The infection in a root canal produces throbbing pain and often a headache.
  2. Discomfort when you eat hot or cold food may be caused by a root canal.
  3. Swollen gums may be a sign that you have a root canal.

If you have one or more of these symptoms you should see a dental professional immediately.  Certainly root canals will not heal on their own and they can get worse while you wait for treatment.

Procedures performed by Endodontist

Endodontist: Root canal specialist

Especially for difficult root canals, a dentist may refer a patient to a root canal specialist known as an Endodontist.  With two to three years of additional training, Endodontists take on any root canal procedures.

Have another dental issue?  You may need an oral surgeon or a 24 hour dentist.

Essentially dental expertise in the area of root canals is a matter of their training and diligence performing many of the most difficult cases.

Endodontic surgery cost

While a variety of factors including the severity of your dental situation and your area of the country will determine your cost, it is possible to give some idea of Endodontic surgery cost.  It is also good to know that a root canal is easier to perform in some teeth than others.  There are a number of reasons for this including the number of root canals in different types of teeth.

Here’s an idea of Endodontic surgery cost:

-Front tooth costs $762

-A bicuspid costs $879

-A molar costs $1,111

Many endodontists are willing to take patients who do not have insurance and may even offer payment plans.  We can help you find an Endodontist to fit your needs.

Endodontist near me

Emergency root canal near me

Need an emergency root canal near you right away?  An Endodontist may be the best dental professional for your dental situation, they are the root canal specialist.

Up to 15% of people delay the dental care they need because of fear of pain.  Root canals have a reputation for being painful, so this is understandable.  However, modern techniques and anesthesia have greatly diminished the discomfort of root canal treatment so it is no more painful that getting a filling.

We can help make an appointment for an endodontist near you.  Contact us immediately and feel better soon.

Emergency root canal near me