Getting a cavity in front tooth is immediately worrisome.  Pain or throbbing in a molar or other back tooth is no doubt a dental issue.  Still, the front tooth cavity is more visible and a part of your cosmetic appearance.  This article provides the oral health information you need to confidently treat your cavity in front tooth.

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Cavity in front tooth

A cavity in front tooth is possible even though they are smoother and more easily seen and accessed for brushing and flossing.  Back teeth are more likely to get a cavity for the reason that they have more grooves and are more difficult to clean.

Still we must remember that all teeth have the enamel, dentin, pulp, sugary foods, bacteria, and acid that make a cavity.  A cavity in front tooth appears like a brown or black spot.  However, cavities in the back teeth are usually not visible without X-ray.

Cavity in front tooth

Cavity in front tooth Causes

Cavity and general tooth decay factors:

-Poor oral hygiene.  Failing to brush your teeth will allow plaque to build up on your teeth.

-Plaque formation.  When not brushed and flossed, plaque sticks to your teeth and gets worse over time.  Especially when sugary foods are frequently eaten, the plaque creates acid that will make tiny holes in your teeth that are known as cavities.

-Dry mouth.  When your mouth is dry plaque and bacteria grow more quickly.  Saliva washes away these factors and help keep your mouth clean.

-Eating and drinking.  Of course we have to eat and drink to maintain our health.  Some foods are especially harmful to our teeth though.  Eat these foods in moderation:  sugary beverages, hard candy that could cause a chipped tooth, caramel, taffy, raisins, sugary cereals, cookies, and other sweets.  Remember to brush soon after eating these foods so they don't get a chance to grow bacteria and acid that cause damage or a cavity in front tooth.

-Plaque bacteria and acid.  It is a natural part of life that bacteria live in our mouth.  When sugar remains on your teeth bacteria will grow and produce acid.

Public Health England found that 5.1% of 5 year olds had a cavity in front tooth.  This tooth decay is caused by long term sipping of sugary beverages from a bottle.  This decay is called baby bottle tooth decay.

The American Dental Association (ADA) states that cavities are most common in children.  Still, these oral health issues are serious for anyone not following recommended oral care.

Cavity in front tooth Treatment

It is important if you think you may have a cavity in front tooth to see a dentist as soon as possible for treatment.  Tooth decay will progress over time so your teeth will suffer along with your oral health if you wait.

The treatment for a cavity in front tooth is much the same as for cavities in the back of the mouth.  Common treatments include:

Fillings.  Filling used for cavity treatment are often made of acrylic acid or resin.

Crown.  A crown is an important part of oral health treatment when the tooth needs this protective cap.

Veneers.  Veneers may used when a cavity in front tooth causes a hole, chip, or gap.  This type of appliance has cosmetic appeal and you can learn more from your dentist.  The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentisty (AACD) recommends porcelain veneers for the best look in your mouth.

Cavity in front tooth treatments

Cavity in front tooth colors

A cavity colors can range from yellow to black.  If no treatment is given by a dentist the dark spot may have a hole from further tooth decay.

Active decay has a dull appearance and is light in color while dark and shiny spots imply an old cavity in which demineralization has stopped.  Thus, teeth with chronic cavities will have a dark color.

Cavity pain

A cavity in front tooth, or any tooth, will cause cavity pain often simply called a toothache.  A minor cavity will usually not be painful.  The pain starts only when the bacteria and acid have eaten through the tooth to the nerve.  So if your cavity is painful it is likely already severe, which you probably understand become the pain can be awful.

Have cavity pain, or simply a toothache and you are not sure the reason?  It is certainly important to make an appointment with a dentist to get it fixed and maintain your oral health.

Not seeing a dentist within a few hours?  Definitely ask a dentist if you may be able to take over the counter pain relievers.

Cavity in front tooth colors

Cavity home remedies

Cavities must be treated by a dentist.

There are ways to avoid cavities before you get them:

  1. Sugar free gum.  Chewing gum produces saliva which washes away bacteria and acid in the mouth.
  2. Vitamin D is important to absorb calcium and build strong bones, including teeth.
  3. Brush with fluoride toothpaste. Research shows that fluoride toothpaste reduces the incidence of cavity in front tooth.
  4. Avoid sugary foods. Sugar is the food for bacteria on your teeth that produce acid and rot your teeth.  Don’t eat these sugary foods and brush your teeth immediately if you do eat them to protect your enamel, dentin, and the pulp inside your teeth from harm from these foods.
Cavity in front tooth home remedies

Cavity on X-ray

X-rays are used to find a cavity in front tooth before they are visible to the eye.  This makes the X-ray an important part of your routine check up or dental exam for a cavity.

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) recommends X-rays to find cysts, abscesses, and other masses not visible to the dentist.  Hopefully you won’t have cavity on X-ray, but it is always safest and best for your teeth and smile to be sure.

See a dentist

Not all cavities cause pain or other symptoms.  Regular dental exams will find these cavities and other dental issues, often before they have time to cause severe dental issues.  Early detection of cavity in front tooth and other oral problems is possible with your exam.  Keep your mouth, tongue, teeth, and smile happy – see a dentist.


Having a cavity in front tooth can be a painful dental situation or an uncomfortable cosmetic issue.

Seeing a dentist as soon as possible is the only way to stop the cavity from getting worse.  Above all get the help you need.